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Give them the gift of growth

with our books


Welcome to the world of children's books that go beyond mere storytelling!

Here, we embark on a mission to ignite early education, cultivate healthy habits, develop empathy and passion for reading in the hearts and minds of our youngest readers.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their potential, regardless of their abilities, challenges, physical or mental characteristics, family type, race, or ethnicity. Our books build better tomorrow for all of them!

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Our books are more than just words on pages; they're catalysts for change.

Through real photos of real children in everyday situations, with engaging narratives,

and diverse characters, we aim to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and provide an authentic and relatable experience for young kids.

Pick up our books, create precious bonding moments with your child, and enjoy growing together!


A heartwarming journey from illness to recovery, teaching kids about care and healing in a comforting way

Turning daily routines into a joyful experience towards independence of young kids

A delightful journey that turns children's haircut fears into a fun and comforting adventure

A delightful journey that turns children's haircut fears into a fun and comforting adventure

in preparation

Performance in the Puppet Theater

In the Theater

Visit to the theater with many joyful moments from the perspective of a child with autism

Mother and kids hiking in forest

Nature Walk

Teaching kids how to enjoy nature and be environmentally responsible at the same time

SCIENCE behind

Real-life situations

It is scientifically shown that non-fiction books for children, which contain realistic characters and scenarios, have a more positive impact on brain development compared to fiction books, with imaginary characters and events.

Shared reading

A growing number of research publications show that the shared reading, in which a parent or a caregiver engage in a discussion about the book content, develops child's language and literacy skills, and improves the cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Physical books

Studies revealed that reading of printed books engages the child in higher-level thinking, compared to reading of digital books. The frequency of non-immediate talk is greater and the story comprehension is increased when it comes to traditional books.

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LET'S REFRAME is a globally-active, non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of transforming lives by challenging limiting worldviews and promoting well-being for all. We are committed to improving mental and physical health of people, by addressing and preventing societal taboos, stereotypes, and biases.

GROWING TOGETHER is one of our innovative programs designed to cultivate empathy, inclusivity, passion for reading, and development of healthy habits. Through the real-life situations described in children’s books, we strive to empower families and communities to grow together.


1000 Brickell Avenue Suite 715 PMB 217

Miami, FL 33131, USA

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